Our Academic Programs

At Nashotah House, our programs will help you answer God's call.

A chapel lesson taking place.

Born out of the Oxford Movement, Nashotah House focuses on forming ministry leaders to serve wherever God calls them. From parish priests, chaplains, and bishops to teachers, missionaries, and church planters, our alumni and the people they serve benefit from the formation of the whole person through daily worship and a life shared with others who are seeking to answer God’s call on their lives.

At Nashotah House, we are honored to offer a diverse course catalog with six academic programs and one certificate program in three different educational contexts: Residential, Hybrid-distance, and Advanced Degree, all of which strive to form seminary students of faithful character (habitus fidei), faithful understanding (intellectus fidei), and faithful practice (praxis fidei). With a rigorous academic program rooted in a classical education approach, seminary students emerge with a deep and comprehensive understanding of Christian tradition and contexts, and they are empowered to lead their congregations, enrich their Christian communities, and devote their lives to serving others.

Our historic institution and academic programs are blessed with a world-class faculty that shares in equal measure a commitment to expertise in their respective scholarly disciplines, excellence in the classroom, and a vocation to train and form men and women for service in the church.

A headshot of Jim Watkins.

“The Anglican spiritual rhythms of Nashotah House frame and re-center our academic work around the worship of God.”

Dr. Jim Watkins

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Nashotah House