Upcoming Alumni Opportunities

Want to stay connected to the House and your classmates? Check out these upcoming and ongoing opportunities.

  • Gather for The Chapter

    The Chapter exists to serve Nashotah House alumni, supporters, and friends. The goal is to provide continuing education and theological dialogue that reflects the many voices within the Anglican tradition.

    The Chapter
  • Essentials in Ministry Webinars

    Join us for this ongoing webinar series, available exclusively to Nashotah House alumni. Hear from speakers on a range of topics, including finances, pastoral care, missions, evangelism, and more.

    Upcoming webinars
  • Alumni Giving

    Nashotah House Alumni Donors

    Updated April 30, 2024

    The Rev. John William Conner Jr.
    The Very Rev. Heidi Ellen Kinner
    The Rt. Rev. Daniel Hayden Martins DD
    The Rev. John Keiser Seatvet
    The Rev. George W. Stamm
    The Rev. Scott Allen Seefeldt
    ArchDeacon Tara L. Jernigan IV
    The Very Rev. John Harvey Munson
    The Rev. Canon Stephen C. Holmgren
    The Rev. Carl Douglas Mann
    The Rev. William F. Radant
    Ms. Jane Autumn Burkett
    The Rev. Dennis L. Day PhD
    The Rev. Austin Lee Goggans
    The Rev. Ben Hankinson Jr.
    The Rev. Dr. John Fleming McCard
    The Rev. Donald Raymond Hughes
    The Rev. Canon Richard A. Kallenberg
    The Rev. Deacon William T. Barto
    Ms. Erin Diericx
    The Rev. Mason Murrow Waldhauser
    Mr. David Zeki Demirbilek
    The Rev. James B. Johnson
    The Rev. Wilson K. Roane
    The Rev. Julia Roane Hendrix
    The Rev. William David Dennler
    The Rev. James Francis Sweeney
    The Rev. Robert Charles Douglas
    The Ven. Alex Roy Pryor
    The Rev. Steve Samples
    The Rev. Canon Tanya Lynn Scheff
    The Rev. James Brzezinski
    The Rev. Canon H. W. Herrmann SSC
    The Rev. Alan Shane Horton
    The Rev. William Patrick Edwards
    The Rev. Samuel Cripps
    The Rev. Jonathan Michael Kanary
    Mr. Dennis John Mahoney
    The Rev. Charles Arturo
    The Rev. Christopher Lee Ashmore DMin
    The Rev. Tyler Joe Been
    The Rev. Amy Feins
    Ms. Lindsey Elizabeth Hardegree
    The Rev. Maureen Martin
    The Rev. Gregory Seeley
    The Rev. Ross Julian Mack
    The Rev. Frederick Chapman Philputt Jr.
    The Ven. Canon Benjamin I. Scott Jr.
    The Rev. Robert Armidon
    Mr. Jay Albert III
    The Rev. Canon Ed Monk
    The Rev. Kent Howard Anderson PhD
    The Rev. Jacob Bottom
    The Rev. Peter L. Ingeman
    The Rev. Dr. Christopher John Keough
    The Rev. Richard A. Swan
    The Very Rev. Dr. Peggy W. Lee
    The Rev. Canon James A. Kaestner
    The Rev. David L Wells
    The Rev. Jonathan Totty
    The Rev. Deacon Rebecca Claudia Terhune
    The Rev. Jason S. Terhune
    The Rev. Zeke L. Rogers
    The Rt. Rev. Keith L. Ackerman, SSC, DD
    The Rev. Richard Neal Shackleford
    The Rev. Clint Michael Wilson
    The Rt. Rev. Dr. Francis Lyons, III
    The Rev. John R. Henry
    The Rev. Canon Mark E. Evans
    The Rev. Joel Eric Hampton
    The Rev. David W. Cardona
    The Rev. Gary E. A. Lawler
    Ms. Jan B. Robitscher
    The Rt. Rev. Russell Edward Jacobus DD
    The Rev. A. Michael Singer
    The Rev. Canon David Seger
    The Rev. John Manford Gullett
    The Very Rev. Ronald A. Johnson
    The Rev. Mark Douglas Polley
    The Rev. Robert Aldridge
    The Rev. Jacalyn Irene Broughton
    The Rev. Stuart B. Smith
    The Rev. Greg McBrayer
    The Rev. Ulis Dean Hekel
    The Rev. John Michael Phelps
    The Rev. John Frederick David Armstrong
    The Rev. Henry L. Doyle
    The Rev. Canon David W. Kent
    The Rev. J Douglas Moyer Jr.
    The Rev. Dr. Walter Lawrence Prehn III
    The Rev. Canon Stephen H. Schaitberger
    Dr. Edward Smither
    The Rev. Arnold R. Hoffman
    The Rev. Jeffrey H. Reichmann Chaplain
    The Rev. John W. Reishus
    The Rev. Konrad S. White
    The Rev. Dr. F. William Miles
    The Rev. Richard Bartlett Roessler
    The Rev. Dr. Wilbur Foster Eich III, MD
    Mrs. Linda Bracken
    The Rev. Thomas G. Flowers
    The Rev. Peter Christopher Schellhase
    The Rev. Elizabeth C. Preston
    The Rev. Dr. Robert Eugene Rhea
    The Rev. Dale L. Moyer
    The Rev J. Mark Klamer
    The Rev. Alan P. Coudriet
    The Rev. John E. Rasmus
    The Rev. James Thomas
    The Rev. John H. Wengrovius
    The Rev. Geoffrey A. Boland SSC
    The Rev. Randolph Edgar Lukas
    The Rev. William Earl Strickland Jr.
    The Rev. Marcia Ann Tremmel
    The Rev. Robert A. Wagenseil Jr.
    The Rev. Richard R. Burris
    The Rev. James P. Frink
    The Rev. Jacob Schlossberg
    The Rev. Canon Frank H. Clark
    The Rev. Robert Kenneth Duerr Jr.
    The Rev. Christopher R. Young
    The Rt. Rev. Francis C. Gray
    The Rev. Dr. John Martin Himes OSF
    The Rev. Canon Carole J. McGowan
    The Rev. Robert Norman Neske Jr.
    The Rev. Susan Gail Troiano
    The Rev. Francis E. Williams
    The Rev. Steve Schlossberg
    The Very Rev. William Willoughby III
    The Rev. Michael E. Parks SSC
    The Rev. Karin E. Wade
    The Rt. Rev. Dr. Patrick P. Augustine
    The Rev. Dr. Tobias A Karlowicz
    The Rev. Michael S. Jones
    The Rev. Tim Leighton
    The Rev. Lawrence N. Crumb
    The Rt. Rev. William Howard Love DD
    The Rev. John W. Raish
    The Rev. Jacob W Dell
    The Rev. Charleston David Wilson
    Mr. Thomas Irving Anderson
    The Rev. James C. Biegler
    The Rev. Craig Douglas Dalferes
    The Rev. Kenneth R. Dimmick
    The Rev. Dr. Kevin Ray Emge
    The Rev. Elizabeth Garfield
    Mr. Andy Golla
    Ms. Kristen Gunn
    The Rev. Nancy P. Hodge
    The Rev. Benjamin Paul Jefferies
    The Rev. John W. Jordan SSC
    The Rev. Noah Soares Lawson
    The Rev. Michael David Lindstedt
    The Rev. Paul Anthony Nesta
    The Rev. Canon Brian S. Reid
    The Rev. Fredrick A. Robinson
    Dr. David Graylan Sherwood
    The Rev. Burke William Whitman
    The Rev. Canon James Stewart Fosdick SSC
    Ms. Emily Ann Lavikoff-Ayers
    The Rev. Gabriel Charles Daniel Morrow
    The Rev. Deacon Clyde Wilkins
    The Rev. Dr. James B. Lemler
    The Rev. Nancy S Streufert
    The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Brumfield Papazoglakis
    The Rev. William T. Luley

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    Want to stay connected to the House and your classmates? Join hundreds of alumni in the the Sons and Daughters of Nashotah House Facebook Group.

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    Engagement takes many forms, and we invite every Nashotah House alum to stay in touch. Be sure to check our monthly Alumni Newsletter, which is delivered to your inbox the first Monday of the month. Not receiving the newsletter? Sign up today! Find the archive of past newsletters below.

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  • Share your story

    We want to hear the stories of what God is doing through your ministries. Submit your stories at the link below for possible publication in The Missioner, The Chapter, or a Nashotah House newsletter.

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  • Visit Nashotah House or plan a reunion

    Consider visiting Nashotah House, join us for a reunion in your area, or plan a reunion of your own. Contact alumni coordinator Rebecca Terhune for ideas on how you can host a gathering, reception, or a visit from the Dean to learn more about the good news happening at the House.

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  • Class Recognitions and Distinguished Alumni Awards

    On Alumni Day, Nashotah House recognizes various decades of classes. Nashotah House also recognizes alumni for their exemplary work, pastoral leadership, and mentorship, both to the House and to the world.