Greetings from Nashotah House!

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of being part of the Nashotah House community in several capacities: I am a graduate of the House (MTS, ’15) and have worked as an editor for the Missioner magazine and coordinator for The Chapter. I’m delighted to now serve as Alumni Associate for the House. 

For 180 years and counting, the Nashotah House alumni community has provided opportunities to engage in the life of the House and with one another. Whether we are missionaries to our workplaces, chaplains in the military or parish priests, whether we are local or called to live around the world, alumni connect to celebrate this “thin place” called Nashotah House. 

The Rev. Hiram Kano, a graduate of Nashotah House’s class of 1946, said, “We must firmly believe that our hearts are the palace of our God; then our world will become more light. Strength with hope will be given to us.” Nashotah House offers real presence and real preparation; this kind of formation trains our hearts for the ministries to which we are called.

We at Nashotah House are committed to providing you with resources to support your life of ministry. Please read on to learn about some of our current alumni initiatives and others that are in the works. 

Ready to get connected today? Here are three simple things you can do to get started.

  1. Pray for the House. Pray for the seminarians, prospective students, faculty, staff, board, families, and all who are involved with Nashotah House.
  2. Get in touch with me at to share your news, your contact information, and stay informed about Nashotah House offerings and events.
  3. Consider a recurring financial gift to Nashotah House. You choose your gift. And know that your gift makes a real difference at Nashotah House.

With gratitude,

The Rev’d. Deacon Rebecca Terhune, ’15

Alumni Associate


Upcoming Alumni Opportuniites

Want to stay connected to the House and your classmates? Check out these upcoming and ongoing opportunities.

  • Lunch & Learn: Essentials for Ministry

    One-hour webinars covering topics essential to clergy and lay ministry. It’s as easy as clicking the link to hear from fellow alumni or other subject matter experts about issues pertaining to your ministry. Depending on where you are located, these might be “Brunch & Learns”! Join us at noon (CT) on Thursday, October 20, 2022, for our webinar on mental health. Email Rebecca Terhune at for more details and to sign up. Save the date for our spring webinar: Thursday, April 27, 2023, at noon (CT).

  • Founders' Day Fundraiser

    This past spring, we began this exciting sprint of crowdfunding in honor of Founders' Day and Nashotah House’s 180th anniversary. For 18 hours and 14 minutes, we issued a challenge to our alumni and friends to support an institution that has transformed the lives of generations of clergy and lay leaders. Participants made a special one-time donation, and then shared the giving opportunity with their friends and family. Join us by supporting our next 1842 Giving Challenge! More details coming in January.

  • Alumni Day - May 17, 2023

    You are invited! Mark your calendar and reserve your spot for our next Alumni Day: May 17, 2023. Rally your friends, pick up the phone, reconnect with your classmates, and let’s be sure to meet again in May. And join the growing number of alumni who are choosing to support their alma mater. Your participation matters. Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference for the lives of current and future seminarians. Alumni who make an ongoing gift of any size to the general fund between May 1 and May 31 will be entered into a drawing for a $500 travel voucher!

  • Class Recognitions and Distinguished Alumni Awards

    Each year on Alumni Day, Nashotah House recognizes various decades of classes. Nashotah House also recognizes alumni who are honored for their exemplary work, pastoral leadership, and mentorship, both to the House and to the world.

  • "Sprout of the House" $5 Gifts

    As seminarians, many of us moved lock, stock, and barrel to Nashotah House, taking children with us. Many of these kids spent formative years in St. Mary’s alongside mom and/or dad worshiping, building forts in the woods behind the Peaks, enjoying lakeside picnics on summer days. Those experiences paved the way for their own respective ministries, whether the workplace or in the church. Are you one of these kids? We would love to hear your story and let you know that you can join in supporting a tradition of generosity that paves the way for the success of current and future seminarians and their families. Become a recurring donor today by giving $5 each month and ask five of your friends to give $5 a month.

  • Support Nashotah House through AmazonSmile

    Donate to Nashotah House while you shop at Amazon. It's simple!

    How to use AmazonSmile on a web browser:
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What’s Happening with Nashotah House Alumni Today?

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"Can we not then as individuals do more for the cause of Christ and his Church than we ever yet have done?" - Bishop Jackson Kemper, 1842