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We prepare leaders to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Group of people outside after graduation.

Welcome to Nashotah House, where community formation meets theological rigor.

Community is hard work, but it has a proven track record. Here at Nashotah House, we nurture community through a Benedictine ethos of shared worship, meals, and labor. These daily patterns serve as the cornerstone of formation for ministry and mission—just as they have since 1842.

At the same time, we engage in a rigorous curriculum rooted in the faith once for all delivered by the saints. Following a classical model of education, our faculty keep current with the latest scholarship and trends while maintaining a focus on that which has endured throughout the ages. With such a solid foundation, students leave prepared to address and meet the needs of the church no matter what challenges the future holds.

A portrait of Danny Hindman

“I don’t know of another place to study theology in North America that invites students to integrate scholarship and spirituality in as intimate a way as the House.”

Danny Hindman

STM, ‘22


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