Visit Nashotah House

Prepare for rigorous formation in the Anglican tradition on our historic lakeside campus.


Where tradition meets mission and formation meets calling.

Tucked away in the woods of Wisconsin’s beautiful lake country, no other seminary approaches formation like Nashotah House. The difference lies in a comprehensive environment of classic curriculum and Christian community. Our graduate degree programs involve much more than studying and consuming information. When you visit Nashotah House, you will see how the entire rhythm of the day starts, continues, and ends in community. From participating in morning worship together, to sharing meals, attending classes, and participating in work crew, community touches all aspects of life.

We offer individualized visits as well as a larger event for prospective students called Experience Nashotah. At this event, guests stay on campus and are accompanied by a student liaison throughout the day—at chapel, lunch, classes, and so forth. Prospective students are also invited to meet with faculty members to discuss courses of special interest, soak in the beauty of Nashotah House on a full campus tour, and get all their questions answered over meals together with faculty, staff, and current students.

Visit Nashotah House, and discover the real preparation and real presence that awaits.

Our Campus

Individual Visits

Can’t make it to Experience Nashotah? We are happy to host you for a visit on our campus. Visitors can join us for worship in the historic St. Mary’s Chapel, sit in on classes, talk with faculty and current residential students, and meet with Admissions to find out more about becoming a student at Nashotah House.

Please contact us at or 262-646-6519 to discuss your interest in visiting Nashotah House.