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Generous donations to the Jackson Kemper Annual Fund allow NASHOTAH HOUSE to keep tuition, meals, and housing fees as low as possible. We are committed to making seminary education affordable for the Christian leaders of tomorrow, as well as cultivating a vibrant community through scholarships and institutional financial aid, including:

• Entrance Awards
• Need-based Grants
• Work Scholarships
• Merit Scholarships for Leadership and Academic Achievement


• Fundraising Support
• Access to External Scholarships

For serious candidates seeking entry in the next academic year, we also offer a FLY & APPLY PROGRAM, subsidizing travel costs to visit campus and have an in-person interview.

To learn more about your options or to schedule a visit to our campus, contact our full-service Admissions Counselor at



Nashotah House endeavors to keep tuition, Refectory and housing fees as low as possible by collecting donations for seminary operation through the Jackson Kemper Annual Fund. Mealtimes in the Refectory provide the locus for community fellowship. For that reason, most Distance Learning and Advance Degree students take meals in the Refectory during their residencies in order to partake of that fellowship with other students, and with faculty, and staff.


  • $500 per credit hour for all programs
  • Residential Students: $15,000 (full time attendance; 30 credits)
  • Distance Students: $12,000 (full time attendance; 24 credits)
  • Advanced Degree Students: $4,500 (full time attendance; 9 credits annually)
  • Auditing a course in any program: $500.00

Technology Fees

  • Residential Students $500 annually residential ($250 per semester)
  • Distance Students $400 annually ($100 per term)
  • Advanced Students $200 annually ($100 per term)
  • Internet Fee: $10 / Month for cloister, $50 / Month for all other facilities.

Residential Program Fee

  •    $2000 annually  ($1000/semester).  

Room & Board Fees

  • Dorms (Kemper & Cloister): $300 month


  • 1 Bedroom: $550 month $6,600 annually
  • 2 Bedroom: $675 month $8,100 annually
  • 3 Bedroom: $950 month $11,400 annually


  • 1 Bedroom: $760 month $9,120 annually
  • 2 Bedroom: $850 month $10,200 annually
  • 3 Bedroom: $950 month $11,400 annually

*Water is included, but students in apartment and townhome housing must pay electric and gas, which ranges from $100 - $250 per month depending on apartment size and usage.

Furnished Temporary Student Housing (as available)

  • Dorms: $55 per night
  • Private Apartment: $80 per night

Refectory Fee

  • Residential Students: $1200 annually ($600 per semester)
  • Distance Learning Refectory Fee: $360 annually ($90 per week)
  • Advanced Degree Refectory fee: $270 ($90 per week)

Required Attire

  • Surplice - $215
  • Cassock - $125-300 (students obtain their own)
  • Academic Hood (Graduates) - $155-250


  • $600-1000 annually (books vary by semester)
  • $24 for Psalter

Graduation Costs

  • Thesis Binding and Printing Fee $300 / ($100 per extra copy)
  • Diploma Fee $50






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