Master of Divinity

Residential Program

The degree that sets the standard for ordained ministry and lifelong learning.

The Master of Divinity is a professional theological degree intended for persons pursuing ordination in the Episcopal Church or wider Anglican Communion, but welcomes lay ministers, the theologically interested, and members of other denominations as well. Our most comprehensive degree, the MDiv is a residential program which generally requires three years to complete and yields invaluable preparation for those desiring to engage in pastoral ministry.

The MDiv program seeks to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills appropriate to ordained ministry, and serves as a foundation for lifelong theological education. Academic studies, fieldwork, corporate worship, spiritual formation, and involvement in community life are all important components of this program.

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Program At-a-Glance

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program offers a rigorous 3-year curriculum that prepares graduates for ordained ministry.

  • Residential format
  • Standard professional degree for those seeking ordination
  • Twice-daily community worship in the historic St. Mary’s Chapel, including daily immersion in the Anglican choral tradition
  • Comprehensive liturgical training and experience leading worship and preaching
  • Around-the-clock access to Frances Donaldson Library and all of its resources
  • Field education assignments in area parishes and opportunities for ministry internships and certified Clinical Pastoral Education

Degree Plan

Master of Divinity

90 Credits

AT 501
Ascetical Theology I (Christian Spirituality)
AT 601
Ascetical Theology II (Spirituality for Ministry)
BI 501
Biblical Interpretation
LT 530A, LT 530B, LT 531A, LT 531B, LT 532A, LT 532B
Chapel Practicum
CH 501
Church History I (Patristic & Medieval)
CH 502
Church History II (Reformation & Modern)
CH 601
Church History III (Anglican)
CM 501
Church Music
MT 501
Ethics & Moral Theology I (Foundation)
MT 601
Ethics & Moral Theology II (Issues)
NT 501
Greek I
OT 501
Hebrew I
HT 501
Historical Theology I (Patristic)
HT 502
Historical Theology II (Medieval & Modern)
HM 501
Homiletics I (Rhetoric)
HM 601
Homiletics II (Experience in Preaching)
LT 501
Liturgics I (History & Development)
LT 601
Liturgics II (Parish)
NT 511
New Testament I (Gospels)
NT 512
New Testament II (Acts - Revelation)
OT 511
Old Testament I (Genesis - Esther)
OT 512
Old Testament II (Job - Malachi)
PM 501
Parish Ministry I (Priest as Leader)
PM 502
Parish Ministry II (Practical Issues)
PM 510
Supervised Practice of Ministry
PM 511
Supervised Practice of Ministry II
ST 501
Systematic Theology I
ST 502
Systematic Theology II
12 Credits
MDIV 690
Thesis Research (Option for Qualified Candidates)
MDIV 691
Thesis Writing (Option for Qualified Candidates)
A headshot of Matthew Perrault

“Nashotah House didn't just train me to be a priest… it has helped me to become a better Christian and a better man, and as a priest, to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in the fullness of the Anglican tradition.”

Fr. Matthew Perreault

Curate, All Saints Anglican Church, MDiv ‘19