Formed for Ministry

The Master of Pastoral Ministry (MPM) is a first professional theological degree, especially suited to those pursuing lay or ordained ministry in an Episcopal or Anglican parish context. Offered in a hybrid-distance format, this degree is designed for students who are unable to complete our residential MDiv degree. The MPM is normally completed in three-and-a-half years.

The degree covers the seven subject areas specified for study for ordination in most church canons and contains all subject matter and credit hours required by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) for an MDiv degree.

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  • Hybrid-distance format
  • Four annual, on-campus residential weeks during which students experience twice-daily worship, liturgy, and community life while moving through the program as a cohort
  • Supervised field education, in a student’s local context
  • Access to all Frances Donaldson Library resources: 110,000 print volumes, 50,000 e-books, and millions of digital journal articles
  • Preparation for General Ordination Exams
A seminary student practicing communion.

Degree Plan

Master of Pastoral Ministry (MPM)

72 Credits

OT 511H
Old Testament Survey I (Genesis - Esther)
OT 512D
Old Testament Survey II (Job - Malachi)
NT 511H
New Testament Survey (Gospels)
NT 512D
New Testament Survey (Acts - Revelation)
BI 501
Biblical Interpretation
CH 501H
Church History I (Patristic & Medieval)
CH 502D
Church History II (Reformation & Modern)
CH 601
Church History III (Anglican Church History)
ST 501H
Systematic Theology I
ST 502D
Systematic Theology II
HM 501H
Homiletics I (Rhetoric)
MS 501D
Church and Society (Applied Theology)
HT 501H
Historical Theology I (Patristics & Medieval)
HT 502D
Historical Theology II (Reformation & Modern)
LT 601D
Liturgics I (History & Development)
LT 601D
Liturgics II (Parish)
AT 501H
Ascetical Theology I (Christian Spirituality)
AT 601D
Ascetical Theology II (Spirituality for Ministry)
MT 501
Moral Theology
PM 501H
Parish Ministry I (Priest as Leader)
PM 502D
Parish Ministry II (Practical Issues)
PM 510D
Supervised Practice of Ministry