Founders’ Day

Support Our Founders’ Mission

For over 180 years, Nashotah House has equipped and sent out ministers for the Church, empowering the spread of the gospel throughout the world.

For 18 hours and 42 minutes on April 8, Nashotah House invites our alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and students to show their support for this mission during our Founders’ Day Giving Challenge.

All funds raised during the challenge will support the Jackson Kemper Fund, sustaining our unique model of ministry formation and making it available to the next generation of Church leaders.


Karen Moore

"I wanted to invest in the future of the House and its Sons and Daughters. I believed that offering a matching gift was a way to encourage everyone to support the House. It is not about how much you give, but the desire to make a difference."

The Rev. John Jordan, '06

"Giving back to the House when it gave so much to me is a no-brainer. Liz and I participated in the Founders' Day Challenge last year and plan on doing so again this year because we believe that the Church needs renewal and the House is uniquely capable of sparking it."

The Rev. Canon Edward Monk, '99

"When God called me to His priesthood, he called me to attend Nashotah House. What I did not know was that He was calling others to give to pave the way for my call. Now, I know that he calls me to give to the House, so that others may answer His call, too."

Drew Bradford

"As a cradle member of my parish that has been served by Nashotah House priests for nearly fifty years, God – through these various ministries – formed me, guided me, healed me, saw me with the right woman at the altar for matrimony, baptized my babies, anointed the bodies and gave viaticum to members of my family, buried the dead, and so much more! I offer a matching gift for the future of the House because I know firsthand that, through the House, Jesus changes lives, the Body of Christ is nourished, and God is glorified.”