Founders’ Day

Support student scholarships this Founders’ Day!

Since its founding, Nashotah House has been dedicated to the mission of raising up and sending out ministers for the Church. That mission is anchored by a commitment to our students and their formation for lives of ministry. This year, we are doubling down on that commitment by directing all donations made to our Founders’ Day Giving Challenge on April 8, 2024, to student scholarships.

Now more than ever, the Church needs well-trained priests to shepherd parishes, administer the sacraments, serve their local communities, lead mission projects, and spread the gospel. Your generosity this Founders’ Day is an investment in not only the next generation of seminarians, but the future of the Church.

This fundraiser is underwritten by the generosity of Tim and Caroline Ryan and Hal Johnson, which allows us to dedicate 100% of Founders’ Day donations to the Bishop Parsons Scholarship Fund.


Why support student scholarships?

The Rev. John Jordan, '06

"My life was changed by my time at Nashotah House, which is exactly why I will be participating again in the Founders' Day Giving Challenge. With 100% of this year's contributions being directed toward student scholarships, this is an easy decision. The combination of rigorous curriculum, daily prayer tradition, and vibrant community life at Nashotah House changes lives, forms leaders, and prepares ministers for the work God is calling them to do. Please join us in giving generously."

The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Papazoglakis, '20

"I benefited so much from such a phenomenal education. What equipped me most of all at Nashotah House was the formation in training to be a priest. At Nashotah House, formation is a priority.”

The Ven. Mac McElrath, '17

“God used Nashotah House not only to form me theologically, but transform me spiritually. I am a better husband, priest, and chaplain because of the formation I received at Nashotah House.”

The Rev. Christian Wood, '16

“You can find classes anywhere. What Nashotah House offers is formation in character and in building relationships. You don’t just get an M.Div.; you get a Ph.D. in relationships.”