AT 601 is the second of two courses that together provide a comprehensive introduction to ascetical theology including an overview of the general literature of Christian spirituality and its historical development. AT 601 completes the survey of the history and literature of Christian spirituality begun in AT 501, with a focus on the Reformation and Caroline Divines, the 19th century Anglo-Catholic reclamation of the richness of the Church’s spiritual tradition, and the 20th century Anglican spiritual synthesis. In addition, AT 601 emphasizes the spirituality of the ordained person and his/her special responsibilities for assisting in the spiritual development of others. Consequently, AT 601 contains both academic and experiential elements meant not only to foster in participants an intellectus fidei (a faithful understanding), but also to assist in developing a habitus fidei (a faithful character) that is embodied in a personalized praxis fidei (a faithful practice) of ministry to others.