Originally founded not as a seminary, but as an intentional community gathered for prayer and mission, the House is unique in her ethos and in her proven ability to form leaders for Christian ministry.

The House remains true to that vision: a seminary whose common life is sacramental and mission-minded, that seeks the sanctification of the world, and is dedicated to the proclamation of the faith of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Theological education at the House focuses on the formation of the whole person, under the authority of the Gospel, drinking from the wealth of the tradition of the Church universal, in communion with God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It is our conviction that the mission of the whole Church—to bring all people into the communion of saints—springs from lives that have been so formed.

Is this the experience of formation that God wants for you? Apply today.

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Application Information, requirements and deadlines

Nashotah House has two different Admissions Applications. One for degree seeking students; the other for Non Degree Students. These applications can be found here. Applicants will create a login username and password to access the applications.

The Admissions department has set deadlines for all programs at Nashotah House.

  • Residential Programs: January 15 (priority consideration for financial aid) June 15 (final application deadline) for Fall Term (August) 
  • Distance Programs: April 15 for Summer Term (July) 
  • Advanced Degree Programs: April 15th for Summer Term (July) start and October 15th for Winter Term (January) start

Nashotah House requires that applicants submit official transcripts for all of their undergraduate work and any previous graduate work. The Bachelor degree is the entrance requirement for the MDiv, MTS, and Master of Ministry degrees and for the Anglican Studies Certificate program. However, Nashotah House can accept a limited number of students who have not earned a Bachelors degree, providing the applicant can demonstrate their aptitude for graduate theological work. This is in accordance with the standards of the Association for Theological Schools (ATS), the accrediting body for theological schools.Contact the Director of Admissions for details.

Educational entrance requirements for other degrees are specified in the description of those degree programs:

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Applicants are required to provide the names of and contact information for their three (3) recommenders, but they need not request that these individuals write letters on their behalf. Instead, Nashotah House will email or mail a questionnaire for the recommender to complete on the applicant’s behalf.


Residential and Distance Education Programs are encouraged to take either the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT), especially in cases where undergraduate GPA's are below 3.0 or if previous academic work is older than ten (10) years. Nashotah House reserves the right to require the MAT or GRE in cases where an applicant's other supporting document does not demonstrate adequate information for the determination of the applicant's academic ability. Questions can be directed to or call Mallory Jordan at 262-646-6519


Contact the Admissions Department at or 262-646-6514


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