The mission of the St. Francis de Sales Writing Center is to strengthen students’ genre-specific writing competencies by providing support at any stage of the writing process. This free student resource is not a drop-off editing service; we aim instead to equip writers with skills, strategies, and resources to address issues of grammar, syntax, usage, and style, and thereby improve their writing confidence and effectiveness.

What the Center Offers

The writing center offers assistance with:

  • focusing topic/creating a thesis/developing an argument
  • organizing ideas
  • evaluating, incorporating, and citing sources
  • editing/revising drafts
  • proofreading
  • other services, as deemed helpful (e.g., getting over writer’s block, accountability for project completion)


Who May Use the Center?

The writing center is available to all residential, hybrid-distance, and advanced degree Nashotah House students and is designed to address writing concerns across a spectrum of competency and confidence levels. Operating under the axiom that everyone needs a good editor, the writing center staff will do its best to help students meet the assignment requirements, produce a good product, and polish their prose so it shines – whether simply for coursework or for potential publication.


How Does it Work?

  1. As soon as possible in the writing process (e.g., when it is assigned, if you feel unsure of how to proceed; if you get stuck once you’re underway; if you think you’re done but would like another set of eyes on your project) – but sometime well BEFORE the due date, make an appointment using the link provided, where you will be asked to . . .
  2. Supply your name and contact info; name of the course and professor; the requirements for the assignment and any resources and/or rubrics provided; the due date; and a brief explanation of the assistance you feel you need.
  3. Bring whatever you’re working on (if you’ve already started writing, you may share it electronically ahead of time with the writing coach) to your appointment and be prepared to discuss the project and your progress.


How to Make an Appointment

 To make an appointment, email




Turabian Quick Guide

Chicago Manual of Style footnotes & bibliography guidelines

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