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Nashotah House Databases

Most of these databases are under license, and we may offer remote access only to currently enrolled students and faculty of the House. For instructions on how to access these resources remotely, Nashotah House seminarians should consult our handbook, the library's FAQ page, or speak with a member of the library staff in person or by phone (262-646-6535) or email.

  • Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA)

    The ARDA web site includes a range of material useful for the scientific study of religion. Data includes: Online Learning Modules, Denominational Profiles and Family Trees, a YouTube Channel, Syllabi and other learning resources, Nancy Ammerman's guide for "Observing Congregations," Online surveys, Congregational Membership Reports and Mapping, Religious Profiles for virtually all countries and regions of the globe, QuickStats and QuickLists on a wide range of religion topics, GIS mapping to locate congregations for any census tract or area in the United States, and over 1,000 downloadable data collections available for immediate review and download.

    Access the Database
  • ATLA Historical Monographs Collection

    The ATLA Historical Monographs Collection contains the full text of approximately 30,000 books on religion published between the 13th century and 1923. The collection is particularly rich in publications from 1894-1923, which together present a comprehensive picture of religion in America at the turn of the century. Other subjects addressed in the collection include the nineteenth-century conflict between religion and science, the growing interest in Eastern and other world religions, and significant shifts in the religious identification of Americans.

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  • ATLAS, i.e. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials

    ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials is the premier online index of citations covering journal articles (639,400+), book reviews (430,000+), and essays (279,000+) in all fields of religion. In addition, links are provided to full-text articles from 360+ major religion and theology journals. (By special arrangement, the full-text portion of the ATLAS Database is available to alumni of Nashotah House. Alumni should send an email to to request access.)

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  • Ebook Central Religion and Philosophy Collection

    The Ebook Central Religion and Philosophy Collection includes searchable full-text of over 16,000 recently published books from more than 100 university presses including The Catholic University of America Press, McGill-Queen’s University Press, University of Notre Dame Press, Syracuse University Press, Oxford University Press, Marquette University Press, Cambridge University Press, State University of New York Press, and Princeton University Press. Other notable publishers include Bloomsbury Publishing, De Gruyter, Inc, Brill Publishers, Society of Biblical Literature, Routledge, and The Jewish Publication Society.

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  • EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier (BadgerLink)

    This multi-disciplinary database provides full text for more than 6,800 journals, including full text for more than 2,600 peer-reviewed titles. PDF back files to 1975 or further are available for well over one hundred journals, and searchable cited references are provided for more than 1,000 titles.

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  • IVP Bible Dictionary Series

    The InterVarsity Press (IVP) Bible Dictionary Series consists of eight volumes - four on the Old Testament and four on the New Testament. There are articles on each book of the bible, persons, places, and a variety of other topics. The entries are very detailed and include bibliographies which can serve as a starting off point for additional research. The series editors are Tremper Longman III, Bill T. Arnold, Craig A. Evans, T. Desmond Alexander, Mark J. Boda, Joel B. Green, and Ralph P. Martin. Entries are written by experts in the field of biblical studies.
    Old Testament Dictionaries

    New Testament Dictionaries

  • JSTOR Religion and Theology Collection

    The JSTOR Religion & Theology Collection covers the history and philosophy of religious thought spanning traditions, periods, and critical approaches. The collection contains more than 100 titles. It supports religious studies research as well as scholarship in archaeology, literature, philosophy, and more. For a list of titles in the collection click here.

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  • Ministry Matters

    Ministry Matters, formerly iPreach, provides access to biblical study and preaching resources. Through two online libraries, called the Research Library and the Legacy Library, users have access to a collection of commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and other reference works. Resources include The New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible, The New Interpreter's Bible, the Abingdon Old and New Testament Commentaries, and the New Testament in Context commentaries.

    Click here for a list of resources.

    To find resources in Ministry Matters, use the navigation sidebar on the right to reach particular chapters or portions of the work you select. The full-text content will appear in the central window.

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  • New Interpreter's Bible Dictionary

    The New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (in five volumes) provides contemporary biblical scholarship on a comprehensive range of topics from the Old and New Testaments, the Deuterocanonical books, and from contextual studies of the ancient Near East and the Greco-Roman worlds and their literatures. The dictionary contains maps, charts, and illustrations to further clarify the written material. The biblical text used is the NRSV translation.

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  • New Interpreter's Commentary Set

    The New Interpreter's Bible Commentary Set (10 volumes) offers critically sound biblical interpretations. Guided by scholars, pastors and laity representing diverse traditions and academic experience, this collection of commentary meets the needs of preachers, teachers, and all students of the Bible.

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  • New Testament Abstracts

    New Testament Abstracts is a product of a partnership between ATLA and Boston College. The database is an indispensable research and bibliographic aid for scholars, librarians, clergy and students of the New Testament and its historical milieu. The database contains more than 60,000 article abstracts, 2,000 review abstracts, 23,000 book abstracts, and 85 software abstracts. Each year an additional 2,000 articles from more than 500 periodicals in numerous languages are selected for inclusion. In addition, nearly 900 current books are also summarized annually. Article coverage in the database dates back to 1977.

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  • Old Testament Abstracts

    Old Testament Abstracts is a product of a partnership between ATLA and the Catholic Biblical Association. The database features indexing and abstracts for journal articles, monographs, multi-author works, and software related to Old Testament studies. Abstracts from over 570 journals are included. All abstracts are in English, regardless of the language of the original work. Topics covered include antiquities, archaeology, biblical theology, philology and much more. Coverage in the database dates back to 1975.

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  • Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

    The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (3rd ed., rev.) is a uniquely authoritative, wide-ranging, and indispensable reference work on all aspects of the Christian Church. It contains over 6,000 A-Z entries, and offers unrivalled coverage of all aspects of this vast and often complex subject, from theology; churches and denominations; patristic scholarship; and the bible; to the church calendar and its organization; popes; archbishops; saints; and mystics. This updated edition is an essential resource for ordinands, clergy, members of religious orders, academics, teachers, and students of church history and theology, as well as for the general reader.

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  • Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation

    The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation is the definitive source for information about the entire range of religious and social changes that altered the face of Europe in the sixteenth century, encompassing not only issues of church polity and theology but also developments in politics, economics, demographics, art and literature. This broadly cast, interdisciplinary definition allows for a comprehensive social and intellectual history of early modern Europe.

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  • ritesong

    ritesong is an online music library from Church Publishing containing music from the following:

    • The Hymnal 1982
    • The Hymnal 1982 Service Music
    • Wonder, Love and Praise
    • Lift Every Voice and Sing II
    • Enriching Our Music 1 & 2
    • Voices Found
    • My Heart Sings Out

    Search by keyword, or browse the entire library. Listen to a sound sample, then download music and lyrics. The downloaded files can be inserted into word processing and desktop publishing programs. Use of the files is subject to the copyright statement included with each file. Students and faculty of Nashotah House may use ritesong for academic purposes by obtaining a user id and password from the library staff. Email to request a login and for technical support in using ritesong.

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  • Google Books

    Google has entered into a project to digitize the collections of a number of university libraries. Many of the digitized books from these collections have entered the public domain and are now available to all. Conduct a search, then limit the search by clicking on "Full view" to see only those books available in full text.

    Access the Database
  • Google Scholar

    Google Scholar permits searching of a broad selection of scholarly papers, theses, books, abstracts, and articles. Sources include academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, and universities. Some, but not all, of the resources indexed by Google Scholar are available to Nashotah House library patrons in full text.

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  • Internet Archive

    The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is "building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form." Includes out-of-copyright texts, moving images, and audio items.

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  • MasterFILE Complete (BadgerLink)

    Designed specifically for public libraries, this multidisciplinary database provides full text for nearly 2,300 periodicals with full-text information dating as far back as 1975. Covering virtually every subject area of general interest, MasterFILE Complete also contains full text for nearly 870 reference books and over 73,000 primary source documents, as well as an Image Collection of over 1.6 million photos, maps & flags, and 70,000 videos from the Associated Press (AP). This database is updated daily.

    Access the Database
  • Research in Ministry Online

    RIM Online indexes and abstracts projects and theses from over 100 Doctor of Ministry (DMin), Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) and Doctor of Educational Ministry (DEdMin) programs accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). RIM is a searchable database with entries for authors, titles, thesis/project advisers, schools, and ATLA subject headings. The database contains over 14,000 records. Indexing began in 1981.

    Access the Database
  • WISCAT catalog

    This database is one way to search for books in Wisconsin libraries.

    Access the Database
  • Alt HealthWatch (BadgerLink)

    This database focuses on the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness. It offers libraries full text articles for more than 190 international, and often peer-reviewed journals and reports. In addition, there are hundreds of pamphlets, booklets, special reports, original research and book excerpts. Alt HealthWatch provides in-depth coverage across the full spectrum of subject areas covered by complementary and alternative medicine. This database features indexing and abstracts going back as far as 1984, and full text going back as far as 1990. Full text.

    Access the Database
  • Business Source Premier (BadgerLink)

    Business Source Premier is the industry’s most used business research database, providing full text for more than 2,300 journals, including full text for more than 700 peer-reviewed titles. This database provides full text back to 1886, and searchable cited references back to 1998.

    Access the Database
  • Education Research Complete (BadgerLink)

    Education Research Complete is the definitive online resource for education research. Topics covered include all levels of education from early childhood to higher education, and all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education, and testing. Education Research Complete provides indexing and abstracts for more than 3,000 journals back to 1881, as well as full text for more than 2,000 journals back to 1936, and includes full text for numerous education-related conference papers and more than 500 books and monographs back to 1972. Full text.

    Access the Database
  • Education Administration Abstracts (BadgerLink)

    Educational Administration Abstracts includes bibliographic records covering areas related to educational administration, including educational leadership, educational management, educational research, and other areas of key relevance to the discipline. The index contains more than 66,000 records, which are carefully selected from the most important sources within the discipline.

    Access the Database
  • ERIC (BadgerLink)

    ERIC, the Educational Resource Information Center contains more than 2,200 digests along with references for additional information and citations and abstracts from over 980 educational and education-related journals. Full text.

    Access the Database
  • GreenFILE (BadgerLink)

    GreenFILE offers well-researched information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. The database provides indexing and abstracts for more than 384,000 records, as well as Open Access full text for more than 4,700 records. Full text.

    Access the Database
  • Health Source - Consumer Edition (BadgerLink)

    This database is the richest collection of consumer health information available to libraries worldwide, providing information on many health topics including the medical sciences, food sciences and nutrition, childcare, sports medicine, and general health. Health Source - Consumer Edition features searchable full text for nearly 300 journals. This database is updated on a daily basis.

    Access the Database
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition (BadgerLink)

    This database provides more than 550 scholarly full text journals focusing on many medical disciplines. Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition also features abstracts and indexing for nearly 850 journals. This database is updated on a daily basis.

    Access the Database
  • History Reference Center (BadgerLink)

    History Reference Center offers full text from more than 2,500 reference books, encyclopedias, and non-fiction books, cover to cover full text for nearly 170 leading history periodicals, more than 112,000 historical documents, 113,000 biographies of historical figures, more than 112,000 historical photos and maps, and more than 80 hours of historical video.

    Access the Database
  • Humanities International Complete (BadgerLink)

    Humanities International Complete provides full text of hundreds of journals, books and other published sources from around the world. Produced by Whitston Publishing (an imprint of EBSCO Publishing), this database includes all data from Humanities International Index (more than 2,100 journals and 2.47 million records) plus unique full text content, much of which is not found in other databases. The database includes full text for more than 890 journals.

    Access the Database
  • Literary Reference Center (BadgerLink)

    Literary Reference Center (LRC) is a comprehensive literary reference database, which provides users with a broad spectrum of reference information from antiquity to the present day. LRC is a comprehensive database that combines information from over 1,000 books and monographs, major literary encyclopedias and reference works, hundreds of literary journals, and unique sources not available anywhere else. LRC contains detailed information on the most studied authors and their works.

    Access the Database
  • Medline (BadgerLink)

    MEDLINE provides authoritative medical information on medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, pre-clinical sciences, and much more. Created by the National Library of Medicine, MEDLINE allows users to search abstracts from over 4,600 current biomedical journals.

    Access the Database
  • Military & Government Collection (BadgerLink)

    Designed to offer current news pertaining to all branches of the military and government, this database offers a thorough collection of periodicals, academic journals, and other content pertinent to the increasing needs of those sites. The Military & Government Collection provides cover-to-cover full text for nearly 400 journals and periodicals and indexing and abstracts for more than 500 titles.

    Access the Database
  • Newspaper Source Plus (BadgerLink)

    Newspaper Source Plus includes 1,520 full-text newspapers, providing more than 28 million full-text articles. In addition, the database features more than 601,300 television and radio news transcripts, videos & podcasts.

    Access the Database
  • Professional Development Collection (BadgerLink)

    Designed for professional educators, this database provides a highly specialized collection of more than 550 high quality education journals, including more than 350 peer-reviewed titles. This database also contains more than 200 educational reports. Professional Development Collection is the most comprehensive collection of full text education journals in the world.

    Access the Database
  • Regional Business News (BadgerLink)

    This database provides comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications. Regional Business News incorporates coverage of 75 business journals, newspapers and newswires from all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. This database is updated on a daily basis.

    Access the Database
  • Science Reference Center (BadgerLink)

    Science Reference Center is a comprehensive research database that provides easy access to a multitude of full text science-oriented content. This database contains full text for nearly 640 science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, etc. Topics covered include: biology, chemistry, earth & space science, environmental science, health & medicine, history of science, life science, physics, science & society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology and wildlife.

    Access the Database
  • Badgerlink Databases

    The State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction-Division for Libraries, Technology and Community Learning provides the following databases to residents of the state:

    • NewspaperARCHIVE
    • Auto Repair Reference Center
    • Business Source Premier
    • Consumer Health Complete
    • EBSCOhost Español
    • History Reference Center
    • Kids Search
    • Literary Reference Center
    • NoveList and NoveList K-8
    • Science Reference Center
    • Searchasaurus
    • Student Research Center
    • Wisconsin Media Lab
    • Soundzabound
    • Digital Science Online
    • Encyclopædia Britannica Mobile
    • Elementary School Edition
    • Escolar
    • Enciclopedia Universal en Español | High School Edition
    • Learning Zone | Middle School Edition
    • HeritageQuest Online
    • LearningExpress Library
    • LitFINDER
    • TeachingBooks

    Access the Database

Special Collections

Except where otherwise specified, the library's special collections are housed in the library's temperature and humidity-controlled Rare Books and Archives Room, which may be visited by library patrons in the company of a member of the library staff. Among the library's special collections are several substantial, named collections. Below you will find additional information about these named collections.

Questions about these collections should be sent to

  • The Walter. S. Underwood Prayer Book Collection

    Named after the donor Mr. Walter S. Underwood, the Underwood Prayer Book Collection is the centerpiece of the Frances Donaldson Library's stock of rare books. Mr. Underwood was a prominent Chicago attorney and senior partner in one of the largest law firms in Chicago: McLease, Spray, Price & Underwood. A long-time parishioner of the Church of the Ascension, he served as Chancellor of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. His gift arrived at Nashotah House in 1977 and has been used in support of the House’s courses ever since. In recent years, items from the Collection have also been exhibited in museums at Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since 1977, The Underwood Foundation has provided financial support for the library’s efforts to preserve and publicize the Collection.

    Among the highlights of the Underwood Collection are two magnificently illuminated, late medieval manuscripts. The first of these is a Sarum Use Book of Hours, circa 1400. The volume features many finely painted scenes, illuminated capitals, and extensive decoration. The second illuminated medieval manuscript in the Collection is known as the Boies Penrose II Manuscript. This volume contains many lovely illuminated capitals, with handsome decoration on most pages. In addition, the Underwood Collection includes first editions of the Books of Common Prayer of 1549 and 1552, as well as the Prymer of 1554, commonly called Queen Mary's Book. Most important subsequent editions of the Book of Common Prayer are also represented in the Collection, including two versions of the 1662 book, the so-called Provisional Prayer Book of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America of 1786, and the first authorized edition of the American Book of Common Prayer of 1790.

  • The Rev. George T. Cobbett Prayer Book Collection

    In December 1989, The Rev. George T. Cobbett of Oconomowoc (and a former development director at Nashotah House) donated his collection of prayer books, hymnals, and Bibles to the House. The collection was built between 1952 and 1981 and includes 51 books: a 1612 King James Bible; a 1790 first edition of the first Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church; prayer books from England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Ghana, India, Canada and Finland; and all the various editions of the American Prayer Book from 1790 to the present. [The library staff expects to append a bibliography of the collection to this page in the next few weeks.]

  • The Mary Louise Riall Cross Collection

    The Mary Louise Riall Cross Collection contains over 500 crosses collected by Miss Mary Louise Riall over a 40-year period starting in 1939 and ending in the 1970s. She began collecting crosses when she was "inspired by a beautiful gold and amethyst one that belonged to my aunt. I remember telling her one day how beautiful it was and that I'd like to collect crosses. Shortly afterwards I had a birthday, and I was in business." (Collector Searches for Crosses for 40 Years, New York Times, Dec 16, 1979, page 18).

    She travelled extensively in Europe, Canada, the West Indies, and throughout the United States in search of crosses for her collection. Part of Miss Riall's collection was exhibited in the Vatican Pavilion Exhibit in the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

    The crosses range in size from under one inch to almost one foot. They are made of gold, silver, bronze, brass, marble, pottery, wood, glass, shells, fossilized stone, and human hair. The oldest cross is a Nestorian cross which is approximately 1,160 years old.

    The collection was donated to Nashotah House in the 1970s and a portion of it is displayed in secure cases in the atrium on the library's lower level.

  • The National Altar Guild Book Collection

    Formerly housed at the Margaret Peabody Lending Library of the Convent of the Holy Nativity (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin), the National Altar Guild Collection became part of the Nashotah House Library in the fall of 1995. This collection is integrated into the library's general circulating stock and can be borrowed via interlibrary loan. To borrow books identified using the bibliography below, simply contact your local public library and initiate an interlibrary loan request.

    View Collection
  • The Richard Mammana Pamphlet Collection

    This rapidly growing collection currently includes over 600 items donated by Richard Mammana, the founder of the Project Canterbury web archive and a member of the Living Church Foundation. This collection serves to document Episcopal Church and Anglican history and is especially rich in material from the nineteenth-century. Pamphlets in the collection address controversies, homiletics, liturgy, ecumenism, and missionary activity, among other topics.

    View Collection
  • The Rev. John Shaffer Collection of Keble's Christian Year

    The Shaffer Collection of Keble's The Christian Year

    In the summer of 2011, Fr. John Shaffer, a son of the House and priest in the Diocese of Central New York donated his collection of editions of Keble’s The Christian Year. The collection of 61 volumes, combined with volumes already held by the library, gives the library representative examples of most editions produced during the long publication history of this significant Oxford Movement work. The many editions of The Christian Year produced in the 150 year span from initial publication in 1827 through the commemorative reprint of 1977 offer a kind of cultural history of the Oxford Movement.

    Fr. Shaffer initially became interested in The Christian Year after reading Professor G.B. Tennyson's chapter on the subject in his Victorian Devotional poetry: The Tractarian Mode. From very simple early editions, The Christian Year ran through successively more elaborate editions that added elements such as fine color prints from medieval missals, with later editions looking increasingly like bibles or prayer books themselves.

    There are a few particular gems: a copy of the first edition; the beautiful copy given by Keble's patron Sir Thomas Heathcote to his wife Selina on their wedding day; the copy owned by Keble's Oriel College opponent Edward Hawkins; the copy owned by the Cathedral Dean in Memphis who hosted the work of "Constance and her Companions" during the yellow fever epidemic. While Keble did inscribe copies for friends and acquaintances, his inscriptions usually do not include a signature (his modesty was such that the earliest editions of The Christian Year were published anonymously); however, a comparison of handwriting seems to indicate that one of the early copies in the collection has a handwritten inscription from the author. The volumes in the Shaffer Collection may be identified by doing a word search in Housecat for "Shaffer Collection." In coming months, the library staff expects to add to this page a bibliography of the collection with representative images of individual volumes.


The videos below show you how to search ATLAS and other EBSCO databases and how to use the ProQuest E-cook Central collection. If you have any questions about searching please drop into the library and ask for help, or call 262-646-6537 during business hours.

You can also email us for help at

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