Matthew Thomas Rogers

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St. Francis Anglican Church

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Diocese of Ft. Worth (ACNA)


I first had an inkling when I was eleven but I did not pursue discerning it until a decade later. I grew up being quite active in going to and leading many diocesan youth retreats and summer camp. I enjoyed participating in the various forms of corporate worship and fellowship. But I found personally, the corporate faith that persisted as a common denominator to be the most moving. Whether giving praise with a guitar and music at summer camp, or participating in solemn high mass, the Lord called me to serve. The theme of servant hood drove me to further discerning this calling.

I most recently finished my undergraduate studies with a major in History from Tarleton State University before getting married to my lovely wife Bettis.

Please consider praying for me, and supporting however you are able, as I move forward with the ministry to which I am being called!