Scholarship Opportunities

Nashotah House is committed to making seminary education affordable for the Christian leaders of tomorrow. Institutional financial aid is directed towards residential programs, as distance education allows students to continue working while enrolled.

Merit Scholarships

A variety of merit-based scholarships are made available, based both on academic achievement and a proven track record of church leadership for incoming students. Financial aid offers are made at the time of application based on resources available, and students are encouraged to apply by January 15 for full consideration. GPA Scholarships are awarded to the students in each cohort based on academic achievement in the previous Nashotah House term.

Named Scholarships

Over our 175-year history, friends of Nashotah House have set up named scholarships funds to support students. These funds, based on criteria put in place by their founders, are awarded on the recommendation of the Dean. The prestigious Rath Scholarships, valued at $24,000 are awarded to a pair of Seniors based on GPA and leadership potential.

Work Scholarships

Approximately two dozen on-campus Work Scholarship positions are available to residential students each year. These include:

  • Choral Scholarships: Get paid to learn the musical traditions of Anglicanism and lead our 9 weekly sung services - $500-750/term
  • Sacristans: Oversee chapel operations and gain valuable experience in training and supervising your peers in preparing for the daily worship of the Church - $750+/term
  • Refectorians: Oversee dish and dining rotas in the Refectory - $750/term
  • Prefects & Porters: Assist with basic maintenance tasks in student housing, and assist guests visiting our campus - $250+/term
  • Faculty Assistants: Assist faculty with research, grading, and miscellaneous tasks – hourly, up to $400/term
  • AV Technicians: Support class and off-campus client operations with technical support for events – $10+ hourly
  • Other opportunities as needed, including Library Assistantships, Advancement & Alumni Relations Assistantships, and other special projects as needed - $10/hr.

Work Scholarships are assigned based on suitable aptitude and attitude, and require the student to maintain a clear academic standing.

Need-based Grants

When a student has unmet need (tuition, room and board, books, and seminary fees) for the current academic year, Nashotah House has finite resources available to assist. Need-based grants are based on a student’s current financial situation, and are applied after other scholarship and financial support options (such as parish and diocesan funds) have been explored. Nashotah House thanks the generous supporters of our scholarship funds for this opportunity to ease the debt loads of those preparing for lay and ordained ministry.

Fundraising Support

A major part of parish and vocational leadership in the 21 st century revolves around donor relations. Nashotah House offers support to hone those skills while at seminary and reducing your student debt. Our Advancement Office will provide you with support and resources to setup a seminarian fund at your sending parish to provide a tax-free way for your family and friends to support the next generation of church leaders raised up out of the local church. Examples of newsletters, thank you letters, and presentations made by past seminarians are provided on request. A student may begin fundraising as soon as they have confirmed their acceptance at Nashotah House.

External Scholarships

Numerous groups have scholarships funds to support theological education. A selected list is below. Students are encouraged to apply even for scholarships for which they are not explicitly eligible: many organizations fail to attract many applications and have excess funds to distribute.

Due Date MDIV or MTS Regional TEC or Anglican
Acton Institute Academic Grants & Awards
To support future religious, intellectual, and moral leaders who show potential in advancing understanding of theology, human
Apply: Application Information
Various Both No Both
Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation
To advance education in fulfillment of its mission: "To promote life long learning".
Apply: Application Information
8/15 Both No Both
Alpha Tau Omega Foundation: J. Milton Richardson Theological Fellowship 
Awarded to an ATO who plans to attend, or is enrolled in, an accredited graduate school in theology or the seminary with the
Apply: Application Information
3/31 MDIV No Both
Alvera Mickelson Memorial Scholarship
The AMMS is a $6,000 scholarship set aside specifically for women pursuing their master’s in a ministry-related field and goes exclusively toward tuition expenses.
Apply: Application Information
06/14 Both No Both
American Association of University Women
Advancing educational and professional opportunities for women
Apply: Application Information
Various Both No Both
Anne Kumpuris Scholarship - St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Little Rock, AR
Need based for third year enrollment seeking Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church of the United States of America or in one of
Apply: Application Information
5/15 Both No Both
Champions for Christ
To assist students who are preparing for full time Christian ministry
Apply: Application Information
7/1 & 11/1 Both No Both
Chaplain Samuel Grover Powell Scholarship
To provide scholarship assistance to students preparing for chaplaincy in any branch of the military
Apply: Application Information
Various Both Chaplain Candidate Both
Diocesse of Mississippi
For young persons in Episcopal faiths.
Apply: Application Information
Various Both No TEC
Dora Maclellan Brown Seminary Scholarship
Seeking a master's degree at a theological seminary or graduate school approved by The Generosity Trust
Apply: Application Information
Various Both Chattanooga, TN Both
Dubose Scholarship Fund
Need-based only, open to any postulant or seminarian of the Episcopal Church 35 and older, who is enrolled in an approved
Apply: Application Information
4/30 Both No TEC
Episcopal Church Foundation - Academic Track
Those applying to the academic track must be engaged in or embarking on a course of study at the graduate level. Acceptable
Apply: Application Information
3/15 Both No TEC
Episcopal Church Foundation - Transformational Ministries Track
Ministries at the community or congregational level that will change individuals, groups, or communities in positive ways,
Apply: Application Information
3/15 Both No TEC
Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
Apply: Application Information
April Both No TEC
Evangelical Educational Society
Grants are for innovative ministry projects, with evangelism at their core. They are NOT for tuition and fees, cross-cultural
Apply: Application Information
9/25/2017 & 2/5/2018 Both No TEC
George Mercer Jr Memorial Scholarship Fund (Episcopal)
To provide support for the education of seminarians at all Episcopal seminaries. Fund distribution determined at each seminary. No application.
Various Both Various TEC
Holy Trinity Centennial Scholarship Trust
Scholarship aid to persons actively involved in or committed to future participation in the ministry of the Episcopal Church or
Apply: Application Information
3/30 Both No Both
International Order of the King's Daughters and Sons
Awarded to those in financial need who have answered God’s call on their lives and are enrolled in a Master of Divinity
Apply: Application Information
4/1 MDIV No Both
Irene S Wischer Education Foundation
Scholarships to exceptional students, preference to applicants who are Christians and attend church regularly
Apply: Application Information
3/1 Both Texas Both
Julie Ann Jones Memorial Theological Scholarship
Scholarship Contact: Sally M. Jones, P.O. Box 382, 205 North Market Street, Brenham, Texas 77833
1/31 Both Texas Both
Knights Templar Educational Foundation
Provide financial assistance to students who meet the required qualifications, which may vary from state to state.
Apply: Application Information
Various Both No Both
Lex Mathews Scholarships for Women
To provide educational opportunities for women who have been in the work force or who need to upgrade their skills or
Apply: Application Information
4/30 Both Resident of Diocese of No Both
Logos Bible Software Seminary Scholarship
The scholarship is a one-time scholarship and is awarded to a different student every quarter.
Apply: Application Information
Various Both No Both
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
For sons/daughters of current or former Marine or Marine Reservists 866-496-5462
Apply: Application Information
3/1 Both No Both
Military Chaplain Association
Support for training the next generation of chaplains
Apply: Application Information
March - May Both Chaplain Candidate Both
Military Reserve Tuition Assistance
Members of the Selective Reserves are eligible for tuition assistance. Each branch determines how to administer their own
Apply: Application Information
Various Both No Both
Opal Dancey Memorial Foundation
For those seeking a Master of Divinity degree and who will be serving in pulpit ministry - IL, IN, MI, MN, NY, OH, PA, WI
Apply: Application Information
4/1 MDIV Various Both
Pat Tillman Military Scholarship
Invests in military veterans and their spouses through academic scholarships based on merit. Scholarship amount is based on
Apply: Application Information
3/15 Both Veterans and Military Both
Seminary Consultation on Mission
To encourage, cross-pollinate, and coordinate mission interests of the schools
Apply: Application Information
Various Both Missions Both
Sheperd Scholarship - Scottish Rite Freemason
Must be affiliated with Masonic organization. Objective is to aid worthy candidates in obtaining baccalaureate or graduate
Apply: Application Information
1/1 to 3/31 Both No Both
Sheperds for the Savior
Ministry Education Grant Program supports Christian students studying for a ministry career
Apply: Application Information
4/1 & 11/1 Both No Both
The Episcopal Church
Over 60 scholarships are available through the Episcopal Church
Apply: Application Information
Various Both No Both
The Estelle Beaumont Ellison Scholarship Fund
For individuals that show evidence of moral character, academic excellence, financial need, regular participation in a Christian
Apply: Application Information
3/1 Both San Antonio TEC
The Fund for Theological Education
Leadership incubator that inspires young people to make a difference in the world through Christian communities
Apply: Application Information
Various Both No Both
The Order of the Daughters of the King - Master's Fund
To assist Daughters and other women to attend school to prepare for missionary and other church-related work
Apply: Application Information
Various Both No Both
The Roothbert Fund
To provide support to persons motivated by spiritual values - ME, NH, VT, RI, MA,CT, NY, NJ, PA, OH, DE, MD, DC, VA, WV, NC
Apply: Application Information
2/1 Both State Specific Both
The Scudder Association
Religious and Spiritual Studies
Apply: Application Information
4/15 Both No Both
The Society for the Increase of the Ministry
Need based are on hold for 17-18, Merit based require bishops nomination by mid-February
Apply: Application Information
2/15 or 3/31 Both No TEC
Veda Sweeney Memorial Scholarship
Resident of Wisconsin who is preparing for Christian ministry and accepted into a seminary leading to ordination
Apply: Application Information
7/15 Both Wisconsin Both
William A. Heath Scholarship Trust
Contact: Lori Nichols - Relationship Associate - William Heath Educational Fund Third Floor, 600 Cleveland St. Clearwater, FL 33755-0200 - (727) 298-5935
Various Both Southeast Both
Women Scholarships
Apply: Application Information
October-January Both No Both
World Wide Baraca Philathea Union
World Wide Baraca Philathea Union Scholarship, 610 South Harlem Avenue, Freeport, IL 61032 - Scholarship for students preparing for ministry
1/1 to 3/31 Both No Both




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