Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

(printable degree plan)

Program Highlights: 

  • Residential and Hybrid-Distance format
  • 60 Credits
  • An academically-focused degree, especially suited for those considering advanced graduate study or those called to lay teaching ministries in the Church
  • Choose from one of four areas of concentration, normally culminating researching and writing a thesis
  • Take advantage of Advanced Electives in Summer and January terms, offered by Nashotah House professors and renowned visiting scholars like Hans Boersma and John Behr

Faith Seeking Understanding

Mere knowledge isn’t enough. We are called to faithful understanding. With the love of God revealed in the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ as our foundation, a Nashotah House MTS begins with the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church and then moves outward into your area of concentration, as your love of God drives you to a deeper knowledge of him and the work of the church in the world.

Our curriculum prizes primary sources and is built around a core whose goal is to teach you to think theologically. No program can teach you the answers to tomorrow’s questions, but a well-formed character and intellect will produce faithful practice no matter where you may be called.

Deepen your faith in a community that prays together and serves Christ in one another.

That’s Real Presence. That’s Real Preparation. 

The 60-credit MTS is offered in two formats, each with its own strengths. 

The Residential option gives you full-time, focused study, unparalleled access to our experienced faculty, and full participation in community life, with twice-daily worship and breakfast and lunch eaten with faculty and fellow students on weekdays in term-time. You take up a study carrel in our historic library with unfettered 24/7 access to 110,000 volumes, an extensive rare book collection, and access via InterLibrary Loan to the resources of Marquette University, Sacred Heart School of Theology, and other libraries throughout the region. This option is ideal for those discerning or preparing for advanced academic study.

The Hybrid-Distance format has students come to campus for four weeks each year (mid-July, early-November, late-January, mid-April), where you take up residence on our historic lakeside campus for a week of lectures, twice-daily workshop, meals eaten in community, and social gathering. Our library supports Hybrid Distance students with a growing collection of over 50,000 e-books and millions of digital journal articles, and arranges delivery of print books by mail. This format is especially suited for those serving the church as lay catechists and teachers, and allows you to earn your degree while continuing in your daily life and work.

Degree Plan - Master of Theological Studies (60 Credits)

Old Testament Survey I & II
New Testament Survey I & II
Church History I – Patristic & Medieval
Church History II – Reformation & Modern
Systematic Theology I & II
9 credits of Free Electives
3 credits of Thesis Research
3 credits of Thesis Writing
Choose One of the Four Concentrations:  
Biblical Interpretation
Moral Theology
Historical Theology I
Historical Theology II
9 credits of Systematic, Historical,
or Moral Theology Electives
Anglican Church History
Liturgical History & Sources
Ascetical Theology I
Ascetical Theology II
9 credits of Liturgical or Ascetical
Theology Electives
Historical Theology I
Historical Theology II
Anglican Church History
Liturgical History & Sources
9 credits of Church History or
Historical Theology Electives
Biblical Interpretation
Biblical Languages (9 credits of
Greek & Hebrew)
9 credits of Old Testament or New
Testament Elective

Do you have credits earned at another accredited seminary in the past 10 years? These may be transferable. Contact us for your individualized transcript audit.

Contact: Kristen Olver, Admissions Counselor, at or call 262-646-6519.






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