Master of Pastoral Ministry (MPM)

Master of Pastoral Ministry (MPM)

(printable degree plan)

Program Highlights: 

  • Hybrid-Distance format
  • 72 Credits
  • Four annual on-campus residential weeks: experience liturgy and community life while getting to know your classmates and moving through the program as a cohort
  • Field education completed in your local context
  • Earn your degree in as little as 3.5 years while remaining in your home and career
  • A first professional degree for ordained or lay ministry, especially suited to those pursuing an ordained ministry as a second career

Don't Just be Informed

Be formed for ministry in a community that learns the imitation of Christ through loving and serving each other. A Nashotah House education forms your character and your intellect for the scope of Christian ministry in the church of today, while giving you the tools to faithfully serve the world of tomorrow.

The call to ministry is fundamentally social: serving our neighbors, seeking the lost and the least, and bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. These skills cannot be learned from a book or on a screen, but in a place that intentionally brings people together, teaches them to study, work, and pray together, and then sends them out into the mission field. That’s a Nashotah House formation.

That’s Real Presence. That’s Real Preparation.  

The 72-credit MPM is built on a schedule of 14 week Summer, Fall, and Spring terms with a condensed, intensive term in late January. This system, built for real life and recognizing that MPM students generally maintain their careers during seminary, allows for nine weeks of break during the academic year to allow you to catch your breath between courses.

Four weeks per year (mid-July, early-November, late-January, mid-April), you will take up residence on our historic lakeside campus for a week of lectures, twice-daily worship, meals eaten in community, social gatherings, friendly banter with faculty members and fellow students, and additional learning opportunities.

Instructors use a variety of interactive formats during the distance portions of your study, ranging from group discussion boards and research papers to video lectures and practical, hands-on assignments. Supervised Field Education, whether in a parish or a certified Clinical Pastoral Education setting of a student’s choosing, is a component of the MPM program.

Degree Plan

OT511H Old Testament Survey – Genesis - Kings
OT512D Old Testament Survey – Wisdom, Poetry, Prophets
NT511H New Testament Survey – Gospels
NT512D New Testament Survey – Acts - Revelation
BI501 Biblical Interpretation
CH501H Church History – Patristic & Medieval
CH502D Church History – Reformation & Modern
ST501H Systematic Theology I
(God, Creation, the Fall, Incarnation)
ST502D Systematic Theology II
(Atonement, Sacraments, Ecclesiology)
HM501H Homiletics
CH601 Anglican Church History
CS501D Church and Society (Applied Theology)
HT501H Historical Theology – Patristics & Medieval
HT502D Historical Theology – Reformation & Modern
LT501D History of Liturgy
LT601D Liturgical Leadership
AT501H Ascetical Theology – Personal Disciplines
AT502D Ascetical Theology – Priestly Ministry
MT503 Moral Theology
PM501H Theory & Practice of Ministry I
PM601D Theory & Practice of Ministry II
Elective or Church Musicians Workshop
Free Elective
Supervised Field Education

Up to 48 credits earned at an accredited seminary within the past 10 years may transfer into the MPM program. Details available in the Academic Catalog. Contact us for your individualized transcript audit.

Contact: Kristen Olver, Admissions Counselor, at or call 262-646-6519.







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