Master of Ministry (MM)

Master of Ministry (MM)

Nashotah House’s accredited hybrid distance learning degree program, the Master of Ministry, can serve as a specialized degree in preparation for professional pastoral ministry. The MM program extends and enhances Nashotah House’s mission in serving the dioceses of our Church as they seek to prepare candidates for professional lay and ordained ministries.

Curricular Overview and Degree Requirements

The MM offers an eight-module program of study in seven essential components of a theological education:

  1. The Holy Scriptures—Old Testament 
  2. The Holy Scriptures—New Testament
  3. Church History
  4. Homiletics
  5. Christian Theology
  6. Studies in Contemporary Society
  7. Liturgics and Church Music
  8. Theory and Practice of Ministry

The Master of Ministry degree requires 48 semester-hours of credit, and can be earned over a two-year period by taking eight consecutive six-credit modules, one at a time. This is the equivalent of two years of full-time academic work. Each of the twelve-week modules consists of lectures, assignments, assessment, discussion, and class interaction through online education, crowned by one week of intensive residential study on the Nashotah House campus, which usually occurs the first week of the term. The module design allows students to take six units in one three-month period and four modules in one calendar year. The intensive residential component for each module brings students to campus four weeks per year, one week each in the summer (July), fall (September/October), winter (January), and spring (April).

Contact: Kristen Olver, Admissions Counselor, at or call 262-646-6519.






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