Our Faculty


President & Provost, Professor of New Testament
Phone: (262) 646-6523
Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
Phone: (262) 646-6522
Associate Professor of Church History
Phone: (262) 646-6521
Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
Phone: (262) 646-6524
Assistant Professor of Ethics and Moral Theology
Assistant Professor of Liturgics and Pastoral Theology
Phone: (262) 646-6509
Research Professor of Homiletics & Church History, 20th Dean-President Emeritus
Phone: (262) 646-6512
Instructor in Church Music; Director of Music, Worship, and Residential Life
Phone: (262) 646-6520
Associate Professor of Ascetical Theology
Phone: (262) 646-6534


Theologian-in-residence, Episcopal Diocese of Dallas
Affiliate Professor of Practical Theology
Affiliate Professor of Pastoral Theology
Affiliate Professor of Church History
Servants of Christ Research Professor of Monastic Studies
Affiliate Professor of New Testament
Affiliate Professor of Theology

Adjunct / Visiting

Adjunct Professor, New Testament Greek
Visiting Professor, Historical Theology
Chair-elect, Order of St. Benedict Servants of Christ Endowed Professorship in Ascetical Theology
Adjunct Professor, Moral Theology & Contemporary Issues
Adjunct Professor, Practical Theology & Christian Leadership
Visiting Professor of Old Testament
Visiting Professor, Pastoral Ministry
Adjunct Professor, Church & Society
Visiting Professor, Pastoral Leadership & Systems Theory