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Assistant Rector

Job Description: 

Trinity Folsom is an open and inclusive parish that cherishes traditional liturgy and music. Though not an Anglo-Catholic parish, our worship does include elements of Anglo-Catholic ritual, and there is a strong devotion to the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Our campus, a mix of old and new buildings, is located in the historic district of Folsom, a suburb of Sacramento, and is undergoing a major expansion and renovation this year. We have four Sunday services and Sunday School for children and adults between the two largest Sunday morning services. We have grown significantly since 2012, when our average Sunday attendance was 132; it is currently 279, and our attendance continues to rise. The number of families with children, especially very young children, has increased dramatically.

The assistant rector will be particularly responsible for four areas of parish life in which we believe we have a lot of room to grow: pastoral care, outreach, small groups, and ministry with children and youth. Our Sunday School program for children and our youth ministry are being rebuilt to suit our current needs and to support continued parish growth; while the amount of money we give to other charitable organizations has increased, parishioners have indicated a desire to do more hands-on outreach projects; and as the size of the congregation increases, we would like to develop multiple small groups that might focus on outreach projects, Christian formation, or fellowship. Our staff, composed of two fulltime clergy (including this position), a fulltime parish administrator, a fulltime director of music, a part-time director of children’s ministries, and a part-time youth minister, enjoys working collaboratively and is well supported by the parish.

Applicants should submit a letter indicating their interest in the position, a resume with references, and two audio or video recordings of sermons to the rector ( by March 15, 2020.

Starting salary: $65,000 + benefits + pension

Employment classification: exempt.

Supervised by: the rector.

Essential duties of this position include:

  • alternating preaching and presiding responsibilities with the rector, including Christmas and Easter (if the rector preaches Easter, the assistant rector will preach Christmas);
  • shared pastoral care duties;
  • teaching, leading, or otherwise participating in small formation groups and a Sunday School class every Sunday;
  • working closely with the director of children’s ministries and the youth minister to develop and support ministry to children and youth;
  • participating in youth camp and mission trip ministries;
  • creating and nurturing outreach opportunities;
  • consulting regularly with the rector, reflecting on the changing needs of the congregation, its context and culture, and how the congregation can grow in numbers, service, and spirituality;
  • and other duties as assigned by the rector.

The successful candidate for this position will:

  • have a deep love and reverence for the Eucharist;
  • have an appreciation for traditional “high church” ritual;
  • have strong oral and written communication skills;
  • have a willingness to receive and incorporate constructive criticism;
  • and be self-motivated, pro-active, and driven.


Training and experience:

Master in Divinity from an accredited Episcopal seminary, and on track to be ordained as a priest no later than one year after date of hire.

Licensing requirements:

Applicant must have the ability to obtain a valid California driver’s license and must have current auto insurance at the state-required minimum.

Hiring requirements:

Applicant must have excellent computer skills, the ability to work evenings and weekends, the ability to travel independently throughout the diocese, the ability to attend meetings at deanery and diocesan levels, and must complete diocesan training in misconduct and abuse prevention.

Physical requirements:

This employee is frequently required to stand, sit, walk, kneel, and speak; read emails, files, instruction manuals, and a variety of correspondence; and use fingers and hands in a variety of tasks, including writing and computer usage. This employee is occasionally required to lift and/or move up to 30 pounds, and maneuver stairs and move about in a variety of properties. Final LogoFinal LogoFinal LogoFinal LogoFinal LogoFinal LogoFinal Logo

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Trinity Episcopal Church








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