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Music Miniter - Part-time

Job Description: 

Job Description for Minister of Music (Part time)

Job Responsibilities Will Include:

Selecting appropriate music, in concurrence with the Rector, to coincide with lectionary readings and various seasons throughout the church year, both feast day and fast day services (Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, etc.) As per the canons and constitution of the Diocese of Western Anglicans: “The rector shall be in charge of the music for services, and shall supervise all services, ritual observances, and ministries of the congregation.” 

  • Leading, rehearsing, playing and singing with volunteer musicians for worship services throughout the church year, including providing necessary sheet music for the musicians.
  • Collaborate with person who prepares the bulletin regarding music selection and lyrics.
  • Recruiting, supervising, encouraging, and generally overseeing our volunteer musicians.
  • Overseeing the set up and break down of equipment for both rehearsals and worship services
  • Reporting the use of music to our licensing companies 

Desired Characteristics and Skills:


  •  Leadership 
    • Able to lead musicians and the congregation in excellent, meaningful, and spirit-filled liturgical worship.
  • Musicianship
    • Excellence in singing and accompanying with instruments.
  • Liturgical Comprehension
    • Understand and appreciate the liturgical seasons and patterns of Anglican worship and select music accordingly
  •  Collaboration
    • Able and willing to work with the Rector to fulfill the vision and values of King’s Cross in and through worship. 
  • Spiritual Vitality and Health
    • Exhibit a deep spiritual devotion to Jesus Christ in both word and deed (see attached standards for membership).
  •  Organization / administration
    • Able to organize a worship plan and execute it effectively each week. 



  •  Committed to the doctrines and practices of the Anglican Church in North America.
  • Seek membership into the community with committed involvement in the life of King’s Cross.

Approximately 10 hours weekly for one Sunday worship service. 

Please submit your resume to Fr. Pete Forbes at

Offered By: 

King's Cross Anglican Church








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