Frequent Questions

The library staff is quite happy to answer questions, provide individual tutorials, or offer other personalized informational assistance. Just stop by or call the library at 262-646-6535, or email us at However, self-sufficient library users may find answers to many of their questions in our handbook or below.

Service Questions

Most books at the Frances Donaldson Library may be borrowed for the length of the term by faculty, staff, and seminarians in residence at Nashotah House. Non-residential seminarians  may check out books for 8 weeks. Other materials (compact discs, audio-cassette recordings, videocassettes, and DVD's) circulate for 7 days. Periodicals do not circulate.

All of the library's computer workstations will print to the library copy machine. Users must enter the number on the back of their ID in the first box of the printing dialog box (leaving the second box blank) each time they print a document.

In addition, Library staff can configure your personal, Windows laptop to print remotely to the library's copier. Be aware that configuring a personal laptop takes time, so it is best to schedule this activity by appointment (speak to the staff or email to schedule an appointment).

With adjustments necessary to overcome the obstacles of distance, all of the library's services are available to seminarians enrolled in the House's distance learning programs. For a fuller account, see the library Distance Services page.

The Archives and Rare Books room may be used by our patrons. However, it is kept locked, and patrons must be admitted to the room by a member of the library staff. Questions relating to the library’s rare book collections and the archival collections should be directed to

Interlibrary Loan Service is available to all students, faculty, and guest card holders. The library has arrangements with regional, state-wide, and national library organizations to provide interlibrary loan service. Most loans are arranged through the OCLC system. In turn, the Library lends materials to libraries throughout the United States. Nashotah House library does not charge a fee for this service; however, if the lending library charges a fee, it will be passed on to the borrower. Request forms are available at the main entrance to the library, or an email requesting the loan can be sent to

The library staff is available to assist patrons during normal business hours; however, the staff seeks to train seminarians to be independent information seekers and evaluators. To this end, all seminarians receive an initial library orientation, so that they may begin developing skill in seeking and evaluating theological information. Course-related instruction and tutorial sessions are also available to further enhance the seminarian’s information-seeking skills. Complex reference questions should be directed to

A seminarian may request extended assistance in the form of a writing and research tutorial in order to cope with a particularly challenging writing or research project. More general tutorials are sometimes suggested by faculty members, or requested by a seminarian, in order to address general weaknesses in writing or research skills. Seminarians frequently request additional assistance in learning to format papers in the Turabian style, which is the standard for written work at Nashotah House.

Helpful Documents:

For more information, call the library at 262-646-6536 or send an email to

The library copier is capable of copying and scanning to email. Copy charges are 7 cents for black and white and 17 cents for color; scans to email are free. Students will be billed by the business office for their copier use, but guest users should pay library staff directly.

Catalog Questions

Go to HouseCat and click on “sign in.” Enter your barcode number (your Nashotah House ID Number) and password. Once logged-in, the Sign-in button will display your name. From the drop down by your name click on “My Account". Note: This password is different from the password used to remotely access the library's ebooks and databases.

Go to HouseCat and click on “sign in.” Enter your barcode number (your Nashotah House ID Number) and password. Once logged-in, the Sign-in button will display your name. From the drop down by your name click on “My Account". A list of items checked out to you will appear along with their due dates. To renew an item, click on its renew button.

Database Questions

For access on personal equipment or from outside the library, users will be challenged for a username and password. In the username box, type your Nashotah House ID Number. In the password box, type your last name (make sure the 1st letter is capitalized).

If you are not granted admission to the databases after providing the login credentials as described above, check to see that your browser is accepting cookies.  Try again after adjusting your browser's security settings to permit the databases to set a cookie on your browser.  Another issue to consider is whether traffic to the House's proxy server is being permitted by your personal firewall or any corporate firewall on the local network you are using. Personal firewalls permit users to adjust security settings themselves; however, if you are attempting to access the library's databases from a corporate or governmental network, you may need to consult with the Information Technology staff in charge of that network to obtain clearance for using the library's databases while on that network.

Help menus. Many library databases provide a link to help menus from within the database.  Look in the upper right corner of the screen to locate the help link.

Online tutorials. Online tutorials for many databases are also available . Here are a few of the most helpful of these:

Ebrary Quick Start. A tutorial which introduces the basics of using ebrary.
Intro to EBSCOhost. Other EBSCOhost tutorials are available at the EBSCOhost support site.
Searching for  scripture citations in ATLAS using the Scriptures Tool.
Searching Scripture Citations Using the Scripture Citation Index.
Searching Subject Headings for Sacred Texts of World Religions.

Individualized Tutorials. For personalized assistance on the use of databases, stop by or call the library at 262-646-6535, or send email to

Once a student is no longer enrolled, access to databases must end per our license agreements with database vendors. However, the library has made a special purchase of the ATLAS for Alum database, a sub-set of the ATLAS database containing the full-text of articles from 250+ core journals in theology.

To access this database, alumni must send an email request for a user name and password to, who will verify alumni status and respond by email with the URL of the ATLAS for Alum database and with the login credentials necessary to access it.

On the library's public access terminals, databases are available to all students, faculty, and guest users.

On personal computer equipment in or outside the library, only students and faculty may access databases.

Gift Questions

Gift books are welcome, but with the understanding that they may not be added to the collection. At the discretion of the staff, donated books may be added to the collection, given to seminarians, sent to other libraries, or sold. Donors are asked to sign a document stating their acceptance of the library's gift book policy. Donations can be made anytime during regular business hours although large donations should be brought to the library only after giving warning to the staff by phone (262)-646-6535 or via email to

General Questions

Guests are warmly welcomed in the library. Those who wish to obtain borrowing privileges may apply for a guest card by filling out an application form and paying an annual fee of $15. Guest card holders are permitted to use all of our database services while in the building, to check out books, and to use our interlibrary loan services. However, license agreements prevent us from offering guests off-campus access to databases. Currently enrolled students at Wisconsin institutions of higher learning and ATS-accredited theological schools may borrow materials from the library by showing their current student ID and filling out required forms during the library's regular hours.

Reserves Questions

Go to HouseCat Under the "search" drop-down menu select "course reserves." Enter a search term such as the instructor's name or a key word in the course title. Click on the link for the course to display items being held on reserve for that class.





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