Labin Duke

A headshot of Labin Duke.

Get to Know Labin

Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Labin Duke is passionate about administration and advancement work — especially at Christian-based nonprofits. That is why Nashotah House is a perfect fit for him.

At Nashotah House, Labin has the opportunity to develop relationships for an organization that directly serves the church. He works for Nashotah House alumni, supporters, church partners, and friends helping to connect their passion to the mission of the House. He also seeks to broadly and boldly proclaim the importance of formation for the future of the church.

When he’s not working for Nashotah House, Labin is busy at home raising seven children (with one more on the way) with his high school sweetheart and first kiss. Labin also enjoys blitz and bullet chess, dabbles in amateur photography, and is a sucker for a good audiobook.