In this FREE online class, you will have the opportunity to study the history and theological insights of the Black Church, Latino/a Protestantism, and Asian American Christians and learn what these insights have to teach us about the present moment.



  1. Explore the history, development, and unique theological insights of these ethnic minority churches and individual Christians in the United States:
         • African Americans
         • Asian Americans
         • Latino/a Americans
  2. Appreciate how each of these traditions transcend their uniqueness and speak important words to the entire church.
  3. Develop a biblical theology of multi-ethnicity and culture.

The Rev. Esau McCaulley, PhD has served in many professional and cultural contexts throughout his ministerial and academic career. A Nashotah House alumnus, Esau McCaulley earned his PhD from St. Andrew's under the mentorship of N.T. Wright. His research and writing focuses on Pauline theology and the intersection of race, Christian identity, and the pursuit of justice.

Fr. McCaulley also writes popular pieces for numerous outlets including Christianity Today, The Washington Post, and The Witness: A Black Christian Collective.

For over 178 years, Nashotah House has stood on the frontier as a mission forming leaders to serve the church and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join the mission of the Mission and grow in your understanding of the Bible and theology.






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