The Halls of Nashotah exists because formation doesn’t end at graduation.

When students graduate from seminary, and the questions grow more difficult, mentorship only grows more important. At Nashotah House, once a Son or Daughter, always a Son or Daughter. The primary purpose of the Halls of Nashotah is to coordinate mentoring experiences for students and alumni in order to support their ongoing formation.

How it Works

The Halls of Nashotah is a highly interactive mentoring experience for all students and alumni, which will deepen their relationship to the House and each other. Each hall will be led by a group of staff persons and alums tasked with facilitating mentoring experiences among their respective halls.

Upon joining, each student or alumnus will be given a short, Nashotah-branded test to sort students into halls by disposition and temperament. Once sorted into their hall, leaders will assess their members’ personal information and form mentoring pairs between older alumni (“Seniors”) and current students/recent alumni (“Juniors”).

In addition to this mentoring experience, all members of The Halls will have access to exclusive online content, a new network of relationships, and much more. The Halls of Nashotah will be accessed through The Chapter.

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The Four Halls

The four halls, named after founding figures of Nashotah House, are designed to create a sense of connection to the history of the House. Members identify themselves as a continuation of Nashotah’s 178 year mission to prepare students for ministry.

Kemper Hall

Breck Hall

Adams Hall

Cole Hall


The main feature of The Halls is the mentoring relationships formed between older (Seniors) and younger (Juniors). These relationships are facilitated and guided by the hall leaders.

  • Juniors and Seniors who opt into the mentoring program will fill out a personal information form. Leaders will use these to pair up a corresponding Senior and Junior.
  • Seniors and Juniors will be asked to commit to one year.
  • Hall leaders will provide discussion questions, best practices for mentoring, excerpts from texts on mentoring, and additional mentoring guidance.

Additional Benefits

  • Exclusive Online Content – In addition to what The Chapter is already providing for the Nashotah community, you will receive exclusive online content, including early access to Nashotah-related announcements, unreleased interviews with students and faculty, free e-books and articles, and Halls apparel.
  • Network of Relationships – The Halls will build and maintain a digital infrastructure conducive to your meeting and connecting with other students and alumni. This will include membership profiles, a searchable directory, and platforms for inter-Hall competition and interaction.
  • Meaningful Experiences – Members of The Halls will be invited to a special meal during the annual commencement festivities. Throughout the year, The Halls will organize and promote regional gatherings and outings, as well as host virtual book clubs.
  • Annual Fundraiser – Hall leaders will organize an annual Hall-specific fundraiser. Donating members of each Hall may propose and vote on the designated use of the funds raised by the members of their Hall.
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Halls of Nashotah Survey

We’re committed to providing opportunities for connection and formation beyond the point of graduation. However, this isn’t a plan that can work only from our end. We need you, our Nashotah House alumni, to provide input and feedback. No one knows better than YOU what YOU need – and what you have to offer – at this point in your ministry. We'll keep your responses confidential. Please let us know what you truly think about this plan. Thank you!