Funding Priorities

Seminary’s Greatest Needs/Jackson Kemper Fund

Nashotah House continues to thrive as a community of learning and scholarship, committed to classical theological principles, ethical norms and practices of the Catholic Tradition of Anglican Christianity, primarily towards the formation of ordained priests but also for lay ministry, training Christians to "take the Gospel to the ends of the earth."

Contributing to the Annual Fund, also known as the Jackson Kemper Fund, you will enhance that tradition by helping us pursue, among many, the following key strategies:

  • Filling several academic vacancies with excellent, rigorously trained and widely recognized professors in the areas of New Testament theology.
  • Re-calibrating the House's brand and related marketing to address both our Episcopal and Anglican church partners and prospective students who are seeking a seminary without a church sponsorship.
  • Recruiting a diverse student population to all of our programs, but more specifically restoring our resident program to its most effective level of 60-65 students and our hybrid-distance students to between 80 and 90 women and men.

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The Bishop Parsons Scholarship Fund

While studies indicate that the field of theology consistently has the lowest tuition and fees, seminarians are still at a significant disadvantage being that compensation for clergy and other church professionals is modest at best.  Add to the likely burden of debt from their undergraduate studies, it becomes difficult for many students to answer their call to ministry simply because of the financial burden.  Virtually all of our residential students, and over 60% of our hybrid-distance and advanced degree students, require financial aid from scholarships and loans.

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Capital and Technology Fund

With almost half of our sixteen buildings built in the mid to late 1800's, Nashotah House spends significant resources simply maintaining and repairing the campus infrastructure.  The need to further that effort to include restoration of its historic buildings while upgrading its technology is an ever increasing need. 

Contributions to this fund will help provide monies for projects such as:

  • Creating a smart classroom that will assist students in the hybrid-distance program, serve as a teaching lab for residential students, and provide the capability of creating and disseminating first class presentations and podcasts.
  • Begin the arduous process of restoring St. Mary's chapel, including restoring much of the wood carvings and santuary that over the many years has begun to decay, and to upgrade the speakers and electronics to improve various aspects of liturgical instruction.

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