Summer Term: 2019

The Reverend Greg Peters, PhD, SMD

AT703/803-A: Hearts Bent to God: Sources, Methods and Ends of Ascetical Theology

Course Dates: July 15 - July 19

Course description available soon.

Hans Boersma, PhD

AT729/829-A: Lectio Divina: The Theology and Practice of Spiritual Reading

Course Dates: July 22 - July 26

Course Description available soon.

David Lee Jones, ThD

DMin800-A: Doctoral Seminar

Course Dates: July 8 - July 9

Course description available soon.

The Very Reverend Kevin E. Martin

PM720-A /PM820-A Moving into the Future as Flourishing Outposts of God's Kingdom and Christ's Mission: A Seminar for Leaders of Pastoral Size Congregations

Course Dates: July 8 - July 12

In this seminar, we will examine the challenge facing these congregations, identify key stabilizing factors and strengths of healthy Pastoral Size churches, address revealing diagnostic tools, and discuss effective strategies for moving faithfully into the future. We will examine the role of ordained and lay leadership as participants develop a plan and next steps for their specific congregations. Individual consulting time with the seminar leaders will be available. 

Why is this seminar is needed?
Given the decline of mainline American Christianity, fully half of today’s congregations will likely be closed within the next ten years. Amongst these, the fastest disappearing size of congregation is the Pastoral Size church (Average Sunday Attendance between 140-75).  The Pastoral Size is the most predictable of all size congregations in its characteristics and functioning, but today they face major challenges.  Taking into account the natural barriers to transitioning to a larger size of congregation, economic trends and giving patterns, our post-modern and post-denominational culture, generational differences, and the general decline and aging of the Episcopal Church, it is clear that Pastoral Size congregations must address their spiritual, missional, and operational expectations and practices.

All participants are asked to read Peter Steinke’s Healthy Congregations: A Systems Approach. D.Min. students may take this seminar for credit under the direction of Nashotah’s faculty.





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