Summer Session (July 2 - September 22)

Christopher Wells, PhD

St. Augustine of Hippo - Teacher

Course Dates: July 23 - July 27
Course ID: HT 710

This course will elucidate St. Augustine of Hippo as the most influential teacher of the faith in the history of western Christianity with a view to retrieval, imitation, and application today.  Ordered around close reading of primary texts, we will start with the little-read master-work De catechizandis rudibus on preparing new Christians to enter the Church; then devote three full days to Augustine's longest work, the Enarrationes in psalmos, his commentary on all 150 Psalms with which he was oocupied in the prime of his episcopate; and end with De doctrina Christiana, which set the agenda of theological education for a millennium.  In each case and cumulatively we will pay careful attention to the theological foundations and practical spirtuality of Augustine's thought, marking especially his Christology and trinitarianism, his use of Scripture, and his ecclesiology.  MDiv-level Historical Theology and/or Systematic Theology are prerequisites.

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Matthew S. C. Olver, PhD

Advanced Liturgical Study: An Introduction to Sources and Methods

Course Dates: July 9 - July 13
Course ID: LT 703 / CH 728

This course will introduce students to the sources of liturgical study and the major methodological approaches that have been employed, in order to prepare them for scholarly research. The patristic and medieval sources studied from both East and West include the liturgical books (sacramentaries, pontificals, rituals, lectionaries, etc), rubrical and ceremonial documents, the liturgical portions of ancient church orders, and descriptive documents (mystagogical catecheses, commentaries, homilies). The course also will introduce students to the major methodologies in liturgical study, including the philological, structural, and comparative approaches, as well as application of anthropological ritual studies. Prerequisite: LT501 or an approved equivalent.

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Travis J. Bott, PhD

Old Testament Narrative Art

Course Dates: July 16 - July 20
Course ID: OT 715 / BI 715
All humans tell stories. Narrative is a fundamental way that we make sense of our world and our place within it. In Holy Scripture, God tells us the grand story of our salvation. That means that the New Testament is best understood as the conclusion of the long story that begins in Genesis 1. This course will explore the sophisticated literary art of Old Testament narratives. Topics of study will include narrative theory, the conventions of Hebrew narrative, characterization, setting, plot, and ways of ending stories. This course will train students to become more attentive and competent interpreters of narrative texts toward the end of preaching and teaching in the Christian Church.
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David Lee Jones, Th.D.

DMin Methods

Course Dates: July 16 - July 27
Course ID: DSEM 801

Students gain practical experience in the various theoretical approaches to research at the post-graduate level. Particular emphasis is given to ethnography, the science of accurately identifying, recording, and analyzing social phenomenon from the perspective of the people being studied. Students will workshop their DMin project proposals with their peers. Contemporary bibliographic and online research skills are included among the learning outcomes for this course.

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Alexander Pryor, MDiv

Church Musicians Workshop

Course Dates: July 16 - July 20
Course ID: CM 503

This course is built upon the Church Musicians Workshop residential intensive program offered at Nashotah House. Drawing upon the hands-on coaching and group masterclasses of the CMW, this course adds assigned reading, a research assignment, and guided service planning assignments, students will appreciate the history and breadth of practice in contemporary sacred music and liturgy and reflectively plan a series of Sunday-morning liturgies based on a narrative understanding of the liturgy (liturgy as proclamation), using the approved sources and texts of their jurisdiction. Building on the tracks offered in the CMW, students work towards mastery of the chanted music expected of officiants/celebrants/liturgical presidents and planning appropriate music for a variety of contexts using the "Liturgical Soundtrack" approach. (

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Matthew Lynch, PhD

Old Testament 1 – Genesis to Kings

Course Dates: July 9 - August 13
Course ID: OT 511 H

The primary emphasis for the course is to survey the Old Testament material from Genesis to 2 Kings. This course also introduces the student to the discipline of Old Testament Studies by examining and critiquing various methodological approaches to studying the Old Testament and learning exegetical principles for interpreting the Old Testament. Students will examine a canonical approach for appropriating the material theologically, learn how to apply the texts to the modern church and foster a Christian appreciation for the theological relationship between the Old and New Testaments

Note: This course includes a 5-day residential intensive, July 9-13

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Thomas L. Holtzen, PhD

Systematic Theology 1

Course Dates: July 9 - August 13
Course ID: ST 501 H

This, the first of two courses in Systematic Theology, gives an overview of particular Christian doctrines (Divine Revelation, Tradition, Reason, Faith, Creation, the Fall, the Trinity, the Incarnation, and Pneumatology) from their biblical foundations through their historical developments to their modern expressions. It understands Christian doctrine as, “What the Church of Jesus Christ believes, teaches, and confesses on the basis of the Word of God.” Particular attention is given to how Anglicans have understood and received these doctrines of the Christian faith and the role they play in the life of the individual and the Church.

Note: This class includes a 5-day residential intensive, July 9-13


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