HT 710: St. Augustine of Hippo

Christopher Wells, PhD

Course Description

This course will elucidate St. Augustine of Hippo as the most influential teacher of the faith in the history of western Christianity with a view to retrieval, imitation, and application today.  Ordered around close reading of primary texts, we will start with the little-read master-work De catechizandis rudibus on preparing new Christians to enter the Church; then devote three full days to Augustine's longest work, the Enarrationes in psalmos, his commentary on all 150 Psalms with which he was oocupied in the prime of his episcopate; and end with De doctrina Christiana, which set the agenda of theological education for a millennium.  In each case and cumulatively we will pay careful attention to the theological foundations and practical spirtuality of Augustine's thought, marking especially his Christology and trinitarianism, his use of Scripture, and his ecclesiology.  MDiv-level Historical Theology and/or Systematic Theology are prerequisites.

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July 23 - July 27

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

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