LT 703H: Advanced Liturgical Study - An Introduction to Sources and Methods

Matthew S. C. Olver, PhD

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the sources of liturgical study and the major methodological approaches that have been employed, in order to prepare them for scholarly research. The patristic and medieval sources studied from both East and West include the liturgical books (sacramentaries, pontificals, rituals, lectionaries, etc), rubrical and ceremonial documents, the liturgical portions of ancient church orders, and descriptive documents (mystagogical catecheses, commentaries, homilies). The course also will introduce students to the major methodologies in liturgical study, including the philological, structural, and comparative approaches, as well as application of anthropological ritual studies. Prerequisite: LT501 or an approved equivalent.

Course Dates

July 9 - July 13

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LT501 or an approved equivalent

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